Ferrell, Wahlberg To Scream At Each Other In ‘Three Mississippi’

Thursday, June 30 by

“I wish I knew how to quit you.”

Will Ferrell to wacky sports movies

Ferrell held out against that tempting mistress of broad sports comedy for as long as he could, only to find himself back at its doorstep, like a junkie having just slammed his last ration of methadone. And this time, he will lure his The Other Guys co-star Mark Wahlberg into the project as well. Ferrell will be reteaming with director and cohort Adam McKay for Three Mississippi (formerly Turkey Bowl), the story of a neighborly football game that has gotten increasingly contentious everyman. Which means Ferrell will need to go to storage and dust off the “befuddled everyman prone to violent outbursts” temperament, a la Kicking and Screaming. This news comes off news of Ferrell’s teaming with McKay in the buddy comedy Swear To God.

The project does have some promising players with Adam McKay ultimately deciding to helm after working with Ferrell in The Other Guys, and a script from 30 Rock‘s Robert Carlock and Friends producer Scott Silveri. You’ll remember that Friends had a fairly iconic episode with this exact premise in which the gang played the lamest game of touch football ever against each other.

The project should hit theaters by next Thanksgiving, giving Ferrell about seven months to work on his frustrated “DAMMIT!”s before filming begins. (Vulture)

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