Sitting down with Collider at a junket for the Spanish-language comedy Casa de Mi Padre, Will Ferrell conveyed that his highest priority right now is Step Brothers 2. Ferrell is about to get cracking with co-writer Adam McKay on a script that he hopes to shoot this fall.

That sounds like a very quick turnaround time, until you realize that the script to the original Step Brothers was probably scribbled on a pizza box with the words "wine mixer" and "boats and hos" underlined and circled several times.

This news means that the public will probably have to wait for Ferrell's Thanksgiving football comedy Three Mississippi, which creates quite the dilemma. Do we root for Step Brothers 2, a wildly unnecessary (but probably hilarious) sequel, or do we root for Three Mississippi an original film, but not "original" in that Ferrell has done like a thousand sports comedies, and they're generally his weakest stuff?

It's conceivable that he could rock Step Brothers 2, then Three Mississippi, but considering the latter would probably require a holiday release, the timing won't be easy. Maybe he could just make some more Funny or Die videos with that baby.