When a script calls for grown men to run around and scream in overaggressive ways, there's two names that should be at the top of your list -- Will Ferrell and Jack Black. Though they have not been paired together on the big screen since Ferrell threw a burrito in Black's face, the two have signed on to star in Tag Brothers.

Based on an article in the Wall Street Journal, Tag Brothers follows a real-life group of 40-something friends who dedicate the entire month of February each year to an incredibly intricate game of tag. The friends chase one another across the country, disrupting their professional and home lives in the process with extreme tactics such as breaking and entering and paying off spouses to serve as spies all in an effort to avoid being "it."

Their involvement is contingent on the quality of the script from Time Share writer Mark Steilen, who had better dream up some creative locations for Jack Black to accidentally lose his pants in front of children and nuns and musclebound angry guys. (The Wrap)