Put on your capes and Batman underoos over your jeans, geeks. It's time to nerd out about Batman's ride.

In The Dark Knight, the tanky Batmobile was destroyed. Bruce Wayne can't possibly do without transportation, unless he's gonna meet Catwoman at the Subway off the red line. So that means in The Dark Knight Rises we can expect a new Batmobile and a new toy version - or rather, collectable adult figurine - for your bookshelf... that contains no actual books.

Okay, so what will the new Batmobile be like?

The internerds are saying that the new Batmobile will likely be a lot like the old Batmobile. Can we really go to a slick limo version after that badass tank? Batamaniacs love their heavy artillery. However, Bruce Wayne might be getting a new vehicle that should be hotly anticipated starting now. According to Batman On Film...
“One of my sources mentioned the possibility of an appearance of [an aerial Bat-Vehicle]. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made with the planned shooting locations. Could be interesting!”

Actually, I'm surprised there hasn't already been a Batplane in the movies. He probably could have solved the whole Harvey Dent / Rachel Dawes thing if he wasn't dicking around with land transportation.

Anyway, this is obviously all rumor and here-say, but still - Batman flying around Gotham in a kickass jet? It's the stuff 10-year-old boys' dreams are made of. (ScreenRant)

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