First we find out that the turtles are all going to be aliens, flying in the face of everything I know to be true, and now we hear that G.O.B. himself, Mr. Will Arnett, is going to have a role in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film. With that much starpower at his disposal, you'd think producers would want him to slide gracefully into the role of an April O'Neil or Splinter-type character, but no one knows yet.

Oops. Megan Fox is April O'Neill. Splinter or Krang, perhaps? Anything but a lowly Foot Soldier! He'll drown in anonymity!

He's not a turtle, as they've all been cast, so conjecture might be a fool's errand, as he could very well be playing a character that didn't exist in the original mythology.

Or Casey Jones. He could be playing that hockey player-type thing, Casey Jones.

Whatever. The surprise will be nice.