David Lindsay-Abaire is so hot right now. The movie based on his play Rabbit Hole received widespread critical acclaim (also, it's really good), and now his latest play Good People is coming to the big screen too, and largely with the same cast as the play - perhaps most importantly, Frances McDormand as Margie Walsh. Wait, Frances McDormand is playing another character with the name "Margie" after Fargo? This is career suicide! Anyway, here's what the play is about:
"Margie Walsh is a sharp-tongued South Boston single mother of a mentally disabled daughter. Walsh dropped out on high school to care for her child and has struggled to get by ever since. When she's fired from her minimum-wage job, she seeks out employment from a former classmate and rich yuppie (Tate Donovan) in an interaction that quickly becomes a tangled web of race and class."

It's easy to see why Hollywood would want to get its hands on this play: In addition to being by Abaire which makes it automatic awards-bait, it's set in Boston, which Hollywood has been getting a lot of mileage out of lately. So I'd like to take this time to preemptively nominate Frances McDormand for a Screen Junkies Excellence in Acting Award. Congratulations, Frances! Good luck in beating out Steve Austin and Danny Trejo for the award. (LA Times)