The Farrelly Brothers were perhaps aiming too high trying to get Johnny Knoxville to be part of their Three Stooges reboot. Or Jim Carrey to play Curly, as was once rumored. They need actors more... in their current league. They got Will Sasso from "MadTV."

Sasso actually brings a lot to the table, except for name recognition, despite the fact that he's a regular on the popular sitcom "Shit My Dad Says." He looks the part, he's a funny impersonator and physical comedian, plus the film will be broken into three long Three Stooges sketches, which should make him feel right at home. Like he's back at his terrible previous job.

20th Century Fox and the Farrelly's are now on the lookout for their Larry and Moe. Who else wants to throw their faith behind the guys who just made Hall Pass? Anyone? (Hollywood Reporter)