When SNL wrapped up its season this past Saturday, they ended with an emotional sketch sending off Kristen Wiig. It's been widely speculated that Wiig would leave the show to pursue brighter pavilions. But what of the other cast members who were expected to hang it up?

The Wrap caught up with Lorne Michaels to discuss the fates of Andy Samberg and Jason Sudeikis. Michaels was especially vague when asked of any cast additions or departures.
"You never know," Michaels said. "I think everyone gets through the season and just the level of fatigue by the end is just overwhelming, and it's a very emotional time. I've had a rule since the second season, which is to not make any decisions in June. We'll see in July."

One cast member who has made mention of his intention to stay is Fred Armisen. He noted that he hopes to continue his work on both Portlandia and SNL as he has done for the past two seasons. Otherwise, he'll have to find another outlet for his creepy genius.