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WHIP IT Trailer #1 – Watch more Movie Trailers

The new trailer for the Drew Barrymore-directed Whip It movie has hit the ‘nets.  It stars lil’ Ellen Page as a girl who’s looking for meaning in her life and finds it when she joins a team of badass rollergirl chicks, including Kristen Wiig, Eve, Juliette Lewis and Barrymore herself.  Sort of a Footloose meets Dodgeball meets Xanadu, if that makes any sense at all (and it barely does to us).  But if you’ve ever seen the Austin, Texas-based Rollergirls, who have their own show on A&E, you know this roller derby stuff is pretty serious.  It’s like a pack of Shawne Merrimans on wheels and on their periods.  Okay I think I just threw up.

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