They’re making another Charles Manson movie. Manson Girls is told from the perspective of all the girlfriends he kept on the commune. Gillian Zinser from “90210” is playing one of the girls. She’s keeping her distance and relying on good old fashioned acting, but one of her costars wants to go all the way. [post-album postid="211631" item="2"]

“One girl from our set Stella Maeve, wrote to him in jail, wanted to go take a visit,” Zinser said on the set of Liars All, which she is currently shooting in L.A. “I’m not pushing my luck that far. I think the best part of my job as an actor is to do my research and create my part of the story. I don’t think meeting Manson at this point would be [helpful]. I have this vision of him in my head right now through his own words. I think on a personal level, he could manipulate our experience together in a way that would affect what I would bring to the story because he’s in a very different state of mind now. He’s been in jail for a very, very long time so where he is now is different to the man I’m supposed to be falling in love with and revering as if he is my god. So I think I’m going to stick to my earlier material of him as such but good luck to Stella.”

Zinser is doing her own research, and that’s creepy enough. “For this project in particular, I feel like I’ve had to explain why I’m carrying around like this Manson novel to people. I got some weird looks the first few days on [the Liars All] set. I’ve definitely read almost everything there is about him and watched all the documentaries that already exist and ‘Helter Skelter’ and read some pretty brilliant interviews. Manson’s stream of consciousness has been for me the most important form of research. Just becoming addicted to the way this man thinks and preaches I think is the most imperative to really believing what my characters motives are.”

Susanna Lo wrote and will direct Manson Girls. Her take got Zinser interested in the film. “It’s all based on the true events but it’s not the story about the murders so much as the bohemian commune, the ranch itself and the family of women that he manipulated, drugged into committing these acts on his behalf. So I think it’s going to be an awesome project because it’s directed by a female through the eyes of these seven girls who all came from broken backgrounds and how they ended up where they ended up and why they ended up doing what they did.”

Manson Girls is going into production this summer.