Ah. That's more like it. Earlier today it was reported that Guillermo del Toro's At The Mountains Of Madness was moving forward with a June shoot date. But that couldn't be right. We weren't subjected to endless casting rumors and misreports. Turns out, that report turned out to be a misreport.

Producer Don Murphy cleared the air to say that there's no way they are ready to firm up a shoot date as Universal is still balking at the budget. As a result, del Toro may be wooed to another project. Legendary Pictures is charging ahead with a giant monster project called Pacific Rim. They know that del Toro likes the project and they hope to get him by pushing it through to production.

This is a tough place for del Toro. He spent the last few years waiting for The Hobbit, only to have to walk. And At The Mountain is his dream project. What is he supposed to do while the studios do their thing? Sit around and NOT direct giant monster films? (Deadline)