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Variety reports that Universal and Illumination Entertainment have acquired the screen rights to Martin Handford’s best-selling Where’s Waldo? books, and they have a plan to turn the series into a live-action family film already in the works. 

No word on what the plot may be, but something tells me they’re not going to do a direct conceptual lift of the books.  I can see that pitch meeting.  "Hey, remember Russian Ark?"  *Universal meeting room trap door opens, swallowing misguided writer*

The last time we saw Waldo come alive was in the 1991 TV series, in which Waldo and his dog Woof traveled the world – and through time – solving mysteries at the behest of Wizard Whitebeard.

So Waldo gets a deal with a Hollywood studio after after disappearing for a good decade… Interesting… Deals like this don’t just "happen," right?  Where exactly has Waldo been?  I’ve got a pretty f**king good idea.



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