Where Will The Stars Go After ‘Community’ Is Canceled?

Tuesday, February 28 by

Danny Pudi

Thanks to his role as Abed, Danny Pudi has racked up a good amount of geek love. How will that be applied to his next project? My fear is that he’ll end up wasted on a show like Big Bang Theory. I’m hoping however that he’ll work out guest-starring stints on several shows before putting together his own show with Scrubs and Cougar Town creator Bill Lawrence. And I’d prefer he’s required to solve mysteries on this show.

Yvette Nicole Brown

Before landing the role of Shirley on Community, Yvette Nicole Brown mostly played nurses and office assistants. She also carved out a bit of a niche appearing on shows like Drake and Josh and iiCarly. She’d easily be welcomed back to this world. When Willow Smith eventaully gets her own show, she’s going to need a mom character.

Dan Harmon

Although there are likely thousands of great ideas swimming around in his head, Dan Harmon will probably take the cancelation of Community the hardest of all. After a solid year, firing off missives about being an artist in a world of business, he’ll shake the funk off and get back to what he does best — getting inside the heads of his fans and blowing them from the inside. It’s far time that he heads back to the world of movies with a project that pays homage to the classic films of his childhood. He’s my favored choice to reboot Robocop.

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