Where Will The Stars Go After ‘Community’ Is Canceled?

Tuesday, February 28 by
Whose going to take them home? 

We’re not sure how to react to Community’s return to NBC‘s schedule. At least it hasn’t been canceled but how much longer will it be on the air? Does the network believe in the show, or are they simply trying to burn off the remaining episodes before cutting the comedy series far too short? We’ve been hurt before and we always get nervous with the handling of our favorite programs. We need to know that Community isn’t going to go out for a gallon of milk and never return. It’s just so hard to trust.

Should the show very-probably-be-canceled, what will happen to the very talented cast? You’d think that casting agents are biding their time before descending upon roster of superstars-in-waiting. Below is a list of where they are likely to end up next.

Joel McHale

With a growing range of supporting roles, Joel McHale‘s film resume is blossoming. Should NBC decide to cancel Community, it’s likely he’ll try to parlay into a full-time movie career. Of course, it makes sense that he would gravitate toward comedy. There’s always a need for good-looking, sarcastic protagonists and Paul Rudd can’t play them all. That’s where Joel McHale could flourish. Let’s see what type of project would be right for him. Perhaps he could play a womanizer guy who learns to respect women when a judge orders him to coach an all female peewee soccer team.

Gillian Jacobs

With potentially scene-stealing roles in several upcoming comedies, Gillian Jacobs is steadily building her fanbase. It’s hard to say where we’ll see her career end up. Right now I’m predicting either Owen Wilson‘s love interest in a movie about a surfer who takes over his dad’s hotel, or as the lead in an indie film about a quirky woman looking for love after the end of a long-term relationship.

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