The film adaptation of Hunger Games has been conducting casting calls for the protagonist Katniss Everdeen, and the young adult fiction world is abuzz with squeals and "OMG"s of disapproval. Many of the readers of Hunger Games believe that Katniss is of mixed race, possibly Asian or Mediterranean descent. I have no idea whether or not that's a legit gripe, so I will nod politely while waiting for them to finish their argument.

However, the casting call requires candidates to be white, 15-20, underfed, and pretty (duh). That sounds like every actress in Hollywood, so better set up some more filters, guys. The role of Katniss is expected to be a starmaker for whoever gets the part, so speculation is rampant, but all unfounded, with the usual young Hollywood names bandied about. It's uncertain if candidates who read prior to the open call were subject to the same filters, but given Hollywood's casting history for young adult films, expect a white girl to get the gig.

For those who aren't young adults themselves or total weirdos, Hunger Games is a story of dystopian survival and is expected to be adapted as a trilogy. At least the anorexia here will serve a narrative purpose and not just be used for aesthetics like it is in Monique movies. (Movie Line)