When Will It End?: Bryan Cranston To Join ‘Gangster Squad’

Wednesday, June 29 by

Bryan Cranston‘s agent better be wearing a helmet, cause he’s probably doing backflips with the recent influx of high profile films that Cranston’s found his way into. The Malcolm in the Middle dad (also, Breaking Bad star) has just been offered a role in the star-studded Gangster Squad (also starring¬†Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Michael Pena and Anthony Mackie)¬†as Max Kennard, a Texas-transplant LAPD officer. No other details were given except that he’s “laconic.” Here’s a dictionary. I needed it, anyway.

This role comes on the heels of a flurry of activity that has ushered Cranston into Rock of Ages, Total Recall, John Carter of Mars, and Argo.

All high profile films, all shooting now (or soon). I don’t know how he’s going to manage this while also serving as the epicenter of Breaking Bad, but it’s nice to see the guy get some great work. That said, if any of these jobs have a negative impact on his portrayal of Walter White, I will boycott the studios responsible. And I have some serious clout in Hollywood. Okay, a blog, but my mom reads it every day.


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