Mark Wahlberg is putting back on his producer hat (in my mind, it's a beanie with a propeller) for When Corruption Was King, an adaptation of Robert Cooley's memoir of the same name. The 2006 book looks back on how Cooley served as counsel for the Chicago mob during its reign over the city.

Wahlberg has been donning that producer beanie more and more as of late, mostly in the arenas of HBO television, having gotten his grubby little mitts on "Entourage" (from the outset),"Boardwalk Empire," "How to Make It in America," and "In Treatment." On the big screen, he's serving as producer for Contraband, which he is starring in as well.

When Corruption Was King is just out of the rumor phase, so not much is available in the way of casting news or production timelines, but expect that news to trickle out now that the wheels are in motion. I would also like to take this opportunity to say that you really can't have an authentic Chicago movie without Jim Belushi, so...someone better sign Jimbo up as either an FBI sniper or as a smart-mouthed bookie. I'll let Mark Wahlberg pick. (Variety)