A couple of new posters for you to contemplate before you decide whether or not they are fit for your wall. First, there's Taylor Lautner surfing on a skyscraper in Abduction. Then there's Crazy Stupid Love, in which Steve Carell plays a newly-divorced man re-entering the dating scene with some coaching from Ryan Gosling. Then we there's a creepy poster for the Guillermo del Toro-produced haunted house thriller Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. And then there's an even creepier poster of Sean Penn dressed a post-punk rocker in This Must Be The Place.

Posters are all below but proceed with caution.


It's like, use the stairs, dude. AND NO RUNNING!! (via Yahoo)

Here Steve Carell gets his first gander at vagina and stares with gape-mouthed wonder. I'm betting it belongs to Julianne Moore or Marisa Tomei. They've got a reputation. Or maybe that's actually Kevin Bacon in front of him. I believe we were all just as surprised when we saw Wild Things. (via Yahoo)

I know that I said no running on the stairs, but... RUN, BITCH! RUN!!! (via Empire)

We laugh but this look could still get him laid in Silverlake. (via Recent Movie Posters)