After the modest success of Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson may be finding his way back to "fan favorite" after the past couple films relegated him to "cult favorite" and "indie darling." How do you celebrate this feat? By getting some big-ass stars for your next project.

Following news that Owen Wilson and Johnny Depp had signed on for Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, Jude Law has taken the liberty of announcing he too will be in the film. Law told MTV that we could expect the "usual team" of actors, which almost certainly means we can get geared up for the involvement of Bill Murray.

At this point, all we know is that the film will take place in Budapest, and the main character (Depp? Wilson?) will be a psychic.

Hey! This Wes Anderson film is shaping up to be quirky. I'll be damned!

Fun fact: Jude Law played the baby in Three Men and a Baby.*


*Not really, but you had to think about it for a second, didn't you?