Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ Adds The Luminous Starpower Of Tilda Swinton And Adrien Brody

Thursday, December 27 by
This is actually a picture of an Afghan hound, and no Adrien Brody. We're guessing less than .05% of our readers noticed the slight discrepancy.  

Not to settle with the presence of merely Jude Law, Jeff Goldblum, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, and Jason Schwartzman, Wes Anderson has decided to not stop casting until he surpasses Altman’s The Player in terms of gratuitous casting. So he’s picked up Tilda Swinton, who can be really funny when she wants to be, even though she rarely wants to be, and Adrien Brody, who is also funny, but only because he resembles an Afghan hound.

The film is set in the 1920’s in a Hungarian hotel, so it‘s guaranteed to shatter box office records on those premises alone.

But if that’s not enough, he’s sweetened the pot with Brody and Swinton. And what a sweet pot it is.

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