Jesus I want that bike and those shorts and that shirt and that TV.

I remember in high school that we had one Laserdisc player for the entire school and it was chained to a TV chained to one of those wheelie-cart things so that if someone wanted to steal this revolutionary bit of retarded technology they would have to move 300 pounds of shit out the door. I think that the entire school district had ONE disc, which was a National Geographic special about Pompeii. We watched it 17 times a year. And now the news came today that the Laserdisc is officially dead.

The article that alerted me to this news mentioned that  "This is a sad day for all Laserdisc fans." Which made me think that most days are probably sad if you're a fan of Laserdiscs. That's a hard goddamn life to live. It also boggles the mind that Pioneer was still spitting these bitches out at their factory.

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