Welcome boys and girls to the brand new Screen Junkies! If your fear of change hasn't sent you running by now, I congratulate you on facing your debilitating anxiety head on. You're in for a real treat.

As you can tell by simply glancing at the newly redesigned homepage, we've changed a lot on Screen Junkies. I like to call it Screen Junkies: The Sequel because it's bigger, badder, and there's a ton more crap packed in it. Usually sequels pale in comparison to the original, but not in SJ's case. We're the Terminator 2 and Aliens of sequels. Sure, you respected, admired, and even enjoyed the first Terminator and Alien, but you know the sequels kicked so much more ass. I'd love to tell you that James Cameron is also behind our little project, but he never returned my emails. He's too busy reinventing the way we experience everything.

Like with most launches, there will be some kinks over the next few weeks that we'll be smoothing out. I welcome your feedback, grievances, and REALLY welcome your praise as we go through this process. Overall, I hope your experience on Screen Junkies is richer and more engaging. We've made it easier to navigate, comment, and fully immerse yourself in the entertainment gospel and Michael Bay photoshops that our editors spew. Don't worry, just because the look of the site has changed doesn't mean the tone has. We'll still report the news with a delicate mix of fact and humorous falsities, and of course continue with the Michael Bay photoshops.

To all of our dedicated readers, thanks for embracing the new Screen Junkies, and to brand new visitors, don't listen to what the dedicated readers tell you. We're awesome.

Yours Truly and Forever,

Ian 'Col. Hans Longshanks' Sobel

Managing Editor