Is it any surprise that the mean old Weinsteins are slow to move on the "Fraggle Rock" movie that would bring mirth and merriment to so many? Of course it's not. But you can't really fault them from a business standpoint. "Fraggle Rock" brings back enough nostalgia that, when someone says to me, "Hey, did you know that they're making a "Fraggle Rock" movie?" I would respond with, "Haha. Really? That's awesome." I would then never see the film unless I was hungover and it was playing on FX.

I don't think I'm alone there, either. "Fraggle Rock" doesn't exactly occupy the same spot in our hearts that the Muppets do, and it occupies no place in the hearts of younger generations. The Weinstein's presumably fear with the impending The Muppet Movie, that there can be only one, so they will wait until those Muppets teach us how to love and laugh again, then move in for the Fraggle kill.

Then again, how much money can a "Fraggle Rock" movie really cost? Like $600 in felt and maybe another $200 in fake rocks? *Changing mind* Loosen the pursestrings, Weinsteins. (/Film)