They say "stick with what you know," and the Weinsteins seem to be adhering to that adage, having secured all rights to The Bully Project, a documentary about the dynamic effect of bullies on other kids. The film shows the fallout from bullying by examining the families of five bullied children.

Apparently, this is an issue that hits close to home for Harvey Weinstein, who said in a written statement:
“As a parent of four, bullying is an issue that concerns me deeply, and I jumped at the opportunity to be involved with a film that could help eradicate this plague once and for all.”

He then bit completely through his lip while struggling to maintain a straight face.

The movie bowed a few days ago at the Tribeca Film Festival, but no wide release dates have been set as of yet. But you can bet if they're not set soon, the Weinsteins will not only shit on your head, but make you say "Thanks for the hat."

It's really great they're taking this stance against bullying. (The Wrap)