That's right, America - the demigod from the UK known as Russell Brand has finally "hit it big," with both the number one and number two movies in America featuring his tricky-to-spell name on the poster. Of course, he picked a couple of pretty mediocre earners with which to earn this badge of honor, with the badly-reviewed comedy remake Arthur and the badly-reviewed comedy Easter CGI rabbit movie Hop. And I don't just mean the reviews are mediocre: the films earned only $12.6 million and $21.6 million, respectively. No, you're not misreading that. Plus,Hop has been the number one movie for two weekends in a row. Maybe it will keep plugging along until Easter.

Rounding out the weekend was the pretty excellent Hanna, which managed third place with $12.3 million, and Soul Surfer, the inspirational sports version of Jaws, in fourth place with $11.1 million. I've said it for years: If you want to make bank at the box office, you've got to have more than one person getting eaten by a shark. (Box Office Mojo)