Weekend Box Office Report: ‘The Help’ Is At It Again!

Sunday, August 28 by
Good help is so hard to find... 

Never underestimate the help, people. Or The Help, for that matter, which braved Hurricane Irene and a bunch of weak openers (again) for another week at the top spot at the box office, earning a $14.3 million gross this weekend. At the number 2 spot is Columbiana, the latest action movie from the Luc Besson conveyor belt, which throat-chopped its way to a $10.3 million opening.

Don't Be Afraid Of This 'Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark' Trailer

The other two openers to make anything resembling a “splash” this weekend were Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Our Idiot Brother. The former, a horror remake from producer Guillermo Del Toro, was in third place with an $8.7 million opening. The latter, which had lots on Paul Rudd to offer if we’d only just accept it, made it to 5th place with an opening gross of $6.6 million. (The Playlist)

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