Never underestimate the help, people. Or The Help, for that matter, which braved Hurricane Irene and a bunch of weak openers (again) for another week at the top spot at the box office, earning a $14.3 million gross this weekend. At the number 2 spot is Columbiana, the latest action movie from the Luc Besson conveyor belt, which throat-chopped its way to a $10.3 million opening.

[post-video postid="213926"]The other two openers to make anything resembling a "splash" this weekend were Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and Our Idiot Brother. The former, a horror remake from producer Guillermo Del Toro, was in third place with an $8.7 million opening. The latter, which had lots on Paul Rudd to offer if we'd only just accept it, made it to 5th place with an opening gross of $6.6 million. (The Playlist)