It appears that America has survived another summer blockbuster season, with the last of the summer blockbusters gently fading into the sunset. In the number one spot this weekend, we have The Help, which capitalized on weak openings for some other movies and nabbed a healthy $20.5 million despite pretty bad reviews.

[post-video postid="222519"]What are some of those "weak openings"? For one, we have Spy Kids: All The Time in the World, which somehow managed to only gross $12 million in its opening weekend, despite audiences' well-documented love for being assaulted by various strange smells. The other "big" movie to open this weekend was Conan the Barbarian, which only managed a $10 million opening, putting it one spot behind Spy Kids at number4.  Somehow, Jay Leno must be responsible for this. The other big movie to open this weekend was the well-reviewed-but-not-well-attended Fright Night, which landed at number 6 with $7.9 million. (The Playlist)