Weekend Box Office Report: Still Good To Be The ‘King’

Sunday, September 25 by
Simba trying to wake up Mufasa in The Lion King 

Apparently my theory that people will pay a theoretically infinite amount of money to see The Lion King is one step closer to being proven true: The 3D re-release of a nearly 20-year-old movie (holy god, is The Lion King really 17 years old? Man oh man) is the number one film at the box office for a second-straight weekend. Does this mean Disney is going to extend its originally two-week limited engagement? It’s not known for sure, but when have you known Disney to turn down a buck?

Taylor Lautner Still Running, Hiding In Second 'Abduction' Trailer

Anyway, The Lion King managed to hold onto the top spot even though it had the much-buzzed-about Moneyball and Abduction as competition. Of those two, Moneyball did the best, riding an all-star cast to a $20.6 million opening weekend for 2nd place. Abduction didn’t do quite so well, with an $11.2 million opening weekend, putting it in 4th place, right behind Dolphin Tale. The other big movie to open this week, The Killer Elite, made an expendable $9.5 million for fifth place. (The Playlist)

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