Weekend Box Office Report: Show Me The Bieber (No, Says America)!

Monday, February 14 by

This weekend was a chance for messianic pop star Justin Bieber to show he reigns supreme not just on Twitter, but where it counts: A the box office. But, alas, it looks like Bieber will need to get cast as Robin in order to get a number 1 slot, since his Never Say Never‘s $30.3 million wasn’t enough to overthrow Adam Sandler’s laziness in Just Go With It‘s $31 million. I predict both Adam Sandler and (after the Grammys) Esperanza Spalding to be found gnawed apart by hordes of teenage girls. It happened to Fatty Arbuckle, look it up.

Outside the top 2, we have this week’s “Can that possibly be a real title?” with Gnomeo and Juliet, which grossed $25.5 million for a number 3 spot. After that is something called The Eagle, which I gotta admit I’d never heard of. Apparently I wasn’t alone, since it only grossed $8.6 million. (via boxofficemojo.com)

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