The movie of the weekend (at least as far as box office was concerned) was Michel Gondry's (or was it actually Seth Rogen's?) The Green Hornet. While the movie didn't bust any box office records, it still did pretty damn well, making $34 million despite all the myriad delays and creative conflicts that led up to its release, not to mention the mixed reviews. Why was this? It's impossible to know for sure, but despite those aforementioned mixed reviews, every time I saw a trailer for The Green Hornet last year, it always got huge laughs from the other people in the audience. Maybe people just came to see Seth Rogen shoot himself with his gas gun (not a euphemism).

In other news, The Green Hornet's next nemesis might be Vince Vaughn, whose Ron Howard-directed romantic comedy The Dilemma had to settle for second-best, making $17.4 million, which you math wizards already know is about half the weekend gross of The Green Hornet.

In the "exciting" world of limited release, the only shining light in Paul Giamatti in Barney's Version (for which he won a Golden Globe last night), which made $17,925 per screen on four screens. Four screens! It's like when an election is really close and you wonder if maybe the results would have been different if you'd voted. (The AV Club)