You might have had a pretty busy weekend, what with getting ready for the Oscars, making a guest appearance on "General Hospital," and whatever else you have going on. What you probably DIDN'T do this weekend was actually go to the movies, since the numbers this weekend were low enough to be in "kind of feel sorry for the people in the movie" territory.

The first place slot was mercilessly seized in its third week by the "holy shit that's a real movie" movie Gnomeo and Juliet with $14.2 million (that's 728.4 million in gnome dollars). Second place went to Hall Pass, which opened this weekend to a total of $13.4 million. The weekend's REAL disappointment, though, was Drive Angry 3D, which, despite being a batshit crazy movie starring Nicolas Cage, only managed to collect $5.1 million. Sorry, Nicolas Cage. Maybe next time.

You can get a more complete run-down of the weekend's disappointment over at Box Office Mojo.