Every once in a while a movie that some say is too "weird" or "quirky" to be successful ends up being a hit. More often than not, it seems, these movies star Johnny Depp - and this weekend's number 1 movie Rango is a prime piece of this sub-genre. And not only did audiences turn out to see Rango to the tune of $38 million (and that's good old 2D ticket prices), it's safe to say that they did BECAUSE of how weird it is, rather than despite the weirdness, at least if the word of mouth I heard over the weekend is any indication.

Taking up second place was the weird-in-a-less-commercially-viable way The Adjustment Bureau with $20.9 million, with the modern-teenager adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, Beastly in third with a measly $10 million. You can get more detailed numbers, including just how badly Take Me Home Tonight bombed, at Box Office Mojo.