If you want to make bank in the movie industry, remember: Seasonally appropriate blends of computer animation and idiotic live action almost never fail. Even if it's a relatively restrained holiday like Easter, there's no reason you can't capitalize and prosper, like the makers of this weekend's number one earner, Hop, did. And it wasn't even close - Hop made $38.1 million to put it strongly ahead of the 2nd place film, the $15 million dollar earner Source Code. Taking up 3rd is Insidious, with a weekend gross of $13.5 million.

Kind of depressing that a tossed-off future "did that really exist?" movie like Hop, starring a candy-shitting rabbit voiced by Russell Brand, would do so well in a weekend with two decently reviewed genre movies like the scifi thriller Source Code and the haunted house movie Insidious, but oh well. Now, to begin working on the next draft of my screenplay, April's Fool, about a CGI wacky fish who teaches an absentee father played by Ashton Kutcher the true meaning of April Fool's Day. (via Box Office Mojo)