Weekend Box Office Report: It’s Good To Be The King

Sunday, September 18 by
Simba trying to wake up Mufasa in The Lion King 

Conventional wisdom is that audiences are always craving something new. Cynical wisdom is that “new” is that absolute last thing most audience members want, and the 3D rerelease of The Lion King would seem to affirm the latter wisdom more than the former. The 3D version of the movie every kid in America already owns on DVD made a very generous $29 million in its opening weekend (of a two-week “limited engagement”).

'Drive' Trailer Has Fast Cars And Albert Brooks

Holding the number 2 spot was last week’s big opener Contagion with a respectable $14.5 million weekend gross. The critically stratospheric (but unfortunately unseen by me this weekend) Drive had a nice, indie-friendly 3rd place opening of $11 million. Maybe it’ll do better when it gets rereleased in 3D. (The Playlist)

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