It's truly rare that a movie earns the scorn of both critics and audiences, but Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star has managed to do just that, with a rare 0% rating on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes and a laughably tiny box office opening of $1.45 million. This puts it behind other Adam Sandler-produced comedy's like Grandma's Boy.

[post-video postid="217830"]Shockingly, this didn't put Bucky Larson in last place for new releases over the weekend. That honor goes to the scifi/horror/whatever Creature, which grossed, and this is not a typo, $331,000. For you record-hounds out there, this is the worst-ever opening gross for a movie premiering on 1500 or more screens. Yes, even worse than Bucky Larson.

In less unprecedented news, Steven Soderbergh's epidemic thriller Contagion is the number one movie this weekend, finally ending The Help's reign of terror by way of an opening weekend gross of $23.1 million. Thanks, infectious disease! (Box Office Mojo)