In the deadly world of Hollywood, you either have to adapt or die. And looking at the weekend performance of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, it would be reasonable to expect movies with all-ape casts by the end of the year. It managed to surprise analysts with a very healthy $54 million opening. For you stat-hounds, that places it as the 5th best August opening weekend of all time (if you don't adjust for inflation). The fact that it's actually a pretty good movie means that humans might be completely irrelevant soon. I can't wait for Rise of the Planet of the Humans in a few years.

[post-album postid="223044" item="1"]The other big movie opening this weekend also managed to surprise, but not in a good way. It's The Change-Up, which somehow managed to not wow moviegoers with its sparkling-new premise of two people (Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds) with different lives changing bodies. For its trouble, it has a $13.5 million opening weekend. Maybe the body-switching movie next year will do better. (Box Office Mojo)