Independence Day Weekend is a great time for barbecue, fireworks, and going to the movies. And this year, enough people worldwide went to see Transformers: Dark of the Moon to make it the third-best worldwide opening of all time, grossing a transformative (sorry) $372 million.

[post-video postid="218809"]Now, for the bad news: Here in the US of A, Transformers: Dark of the Moon actually grossed less than its predecessor, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - it fell short of the earlier film's $108 million gross by more than $10 million. Still, don't feel too bad for Michael Bay and company - the third Transformers is still expected to break the Independence Day weekend record held by Spider-Man 2 by the time all the numbers for today roll in, recycled footage be damned. God bless America.

Uh, apparently there was another movie that opened this weekend too. It's called Larry Crowne, a romantic comedy directed by up-and-comer Tom Hanks, who's probably going to have a little trouble getting work after its paltry $14 million-dollar opening weekend. Maybe next time, kid. (The Playlist)