Sometimes, an underdog beats all the odds and leaves all the naysayers scratching their heads, and can be an inspiration to us all. Battle: Los Angeles, for instance, conquered the obstacle of not being a very good movie and rocketed to the top spot at the box office this weekend. I'm certainly going to remember this the next time I do a mediocre job. Thank you, Battle: Los Angeles, for the sterling example you've provided - just because a movie sucks, doesn't mean it can't succeed where it counts.

Elsewhere on the new release schedule, the news was not as inspiring. Red Riding Hood, with its apparently insufficiently sexy Big Bad Wolf, came in a distant 3rd behind golden oldie Rango. And, excitingly enough, we had a genuine flop this weekend in Mars Needs Moms, which cost 150 million dollars to make, and only grossed 6.8 million dollars over the weekend. Maybe this means Robert Zemeckis will make a movie with real people in it again. (via The AV Club)