At long last, America has found someone suitable to usurp the mantle of vaguely doofus-like handsome guy from Matthew McConaughey. And so, we are finally free of his shirtless oppression, thanks to Bradley Cooper, whose first-place-over-the-weekend Limitless managed to gross $19 million compared to McConaughey's The Lincoln Lawyer, which made $13.4 million to just barely edge out Paul for second place. It wasn't a distant third for Paul, though. The extra-terrestrial comedy only missed the mark by a very small margin, grossing $13.2 million to The Lincoln Lawyer's $13.4.

It's not known how or even if McConaughey will retaliate against Cooper. I'm guessing some kind of a bro-off, or maybe a shirtless arm-wrestling match. (via The AV Club)