Today we have some set photos from two highly-anticipated comic book films, Spider-Man and X-Men: First Class. And we didn't even have to visit any sets to get them. Man, we're never going to get enough SkyMiles for that snazzy tote we've had our eye on.

Though we don't get to see Spidey suited up, we do get our first look at Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. As previously stated, she looks good! Judging from the pics, she's attending a funeral. It could be for Uncle Ben or her dad or Kirsten Dunst's career.

As for the X-Men pics, they could be considered spoilerish, so read with caution. Are you still reading? Cut it out. Last warning. Okay. These pic taken from above the Jekyll Island location show the crashed Blackbird. It looks like it will be a rather large set piece, but I'm not certain how much of a spoiler it will turn out to be. I mean, the X-Men are always crashing that thing. Prep school kids have no respect for the dollar.

(via Just Jared and Comic Book Movie)