The character of Tarzan has been making money for various companies since the first novel was published in 1912. And it looks like that isn't going to change any time soon, since Warner Bros. is saying "ungawa!" to another Tarzan movie. And they're reportedly commissioning two scripts to be written simultaneously.

One of the scripts will be written by up-and-coming screenwriter Adam Cozad, who also worked on the script for the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot. His work on reinventing a popular character might be what attracted WB executives to him for this. The other, according to reports, is being written by Craig Brewer.

This practice isn't uncommon for big studio movies, especially ones with franchise potential - the script that doesn't get chosen as the first movie can often be reworked into a sequel if necessary. I just hope WB can work in a cameo from Cheetah the chimp. (Deadline)