It's October, which means the feeling in the air is perfect for some news about Warner Brothers' planned big-screen version of the horror / scifi / fantasy / other stuff too anthology series The Twilight Zone. Sick joke fans know that The Twilight Zone was already made into an anthology film once in the 80s, unfortunately for Vic Morrow's head. This version isn't going to share quite as much with the TV series, however, since it's planned to just have one storyline.

Anyway, the studio has finally selected a director to bring that "big science fiction action movie " storyline to the screen, and it's Cloverfield's Matt Reeves. The plan is to get Reeves signed on to the project, then polish the script and get it ready for for production by the summer of 2012. No word on what the actual plot is going to involve, but since it's The Twilight Zone it might involve aliens, robots, gremlins, nuclear holocaust, ghosts who play pool...could be anything, really. (Deadline)