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WB Coughs Up $9 Million More To Get ‘Green Lantern’ Done On Time

Tuesday, April 26 by

The current trend in Hollywood is similar to George Lucas‘s perennial direction to his Star Wars cast:”Faster, more intense.” And I’m not even talking about the movies themselves – I’m talking about their production schedules. You may have already read about the troubles X-Men: First Class was having getting done by its release date, and now Green Lantern is receiving an infusion of cash and additional VFX houses in order to get it done in time for its June 17th release date. Here’s WB exec Chris De Faria on the last-minute adjustments:

“There is no problem on ‘Green Lantern’. We try to add things to make the movie better until the 11th hour. That doesn’t mean we’re risking the movie up to the 11th hour.”

This would seem to slightly contradict reports of mass dissatisfaction with the first Green Lantern trailer. But fans seem to have responded much better to subsequently released footage, so maybe this will be $9 million well-spent. (Variety)

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  1. April 26, 2011 9:06 pm


    I wonder how much money could be saved by shifting production schedules so VFX work can be done out of season…

  2. April 26, 2011 9:06 pm


    The only way they can fix green lantern is if they take Ryan Reynolds out of the movie….the peeps that did Thor knew what they were doing. Fxck Ryan Reynolds as green lantern.

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