After noticing Watchmen's Box Office numbers slip 65% in its second weekend, we thought to ourselves, why aren't they marketing this film toward female retirees looking for some full frontal male nudity?  Because, man, there's enough blue penis in this movie to make Vanity Smurf come out of his tiny closet.

Well, some folks over at Liquid Generation are helping keep the Watchmen buzz alive at the other end of the age spectrum, and figured that gamers like their penis 8 bits at a time.  Check out this Kung Fu-inspired scrolling actioner featuring a monster... ahem... swordfight... after the jump. 

Now, just a warning before watching, don't try to compare yourself to Dr. Manhattan.  Even in 8-bits, he puts you to shame.  Also... NSFW! 

Courtesy of [Topless Robot]