WATCHMEN Blu-Ray Clip in MAXIMUM MOVIE MODE - Watch more Funny Videos

Above is a clip of the "Maximum Movie Mode" way of watching Watchmen when it comes to Blu-Ray on July 21st.  As long as you're a Zach Snyder enthusiast, it looks like a pretty kickass feature, as the director literally gives a direct presentation during the film.  Snyder's sorta like Al Gore if he worked out and used a camera to no-touch fondle Malin Akerman.

Of course, what Warner Bros. home video isn't admitting is that, while this technology has certainly improved... it wasn't the first time Maximum Movie Mode was used.  Nay, atribute that to R. Kelly's über-meta commentary for his piece de resistance, "Trapped in the Closet."  "See, now I'm in the closet," says R. Kelly seated on the couch watching the picture in picture of R. Kelly in the film singing, "I'm trapped in the closet."

Groove to it after the jump:


Thankfully Snyder doesn't appear to have felt compelled to explain everything as it happens.