Warren Beatty To Star In And Direct…Some Type Of Movie

Monday, June 20 by

Warren Beatty, having not stepped behind the camera since Bulworth 13 years ago, is committed to stepping back behind the camera for Paramount for an untitled comedy. And…that’s what we know. Unfortunately, no plot or even theme details have been made available, so right now you should just hang your hopes on the fact that Warren Beatty is going to be both starring in and directing the project, so allow some mild enthusiasm for that fact alone.

Of course, there is no casting info and the only timeline info divulges that the film will begin photography this fall. It’s hard to speculate as to what actors would fit the roles, since we have zero ideas what those roles are. However, Paramount was nice enough to drop this little gem of a quote to offer up no more clarity, “Warren’s script is quintessential Beatty, elegantly written and wonderfully entertaining.”

The script will also be an infamous womanizer.

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  1. June 20, 2011 4:50 pm

    Mack Atoer

    He’s so finest actor and we have watch him in many movies.

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