"Oh my god, there's gonna be another Bridget Jones book and movie," shrieks your girlfriend.

The yin that is an endless parade of awesome zombie and comic book movies is being balanced by the yang announcement that Bridget Jones 3: The Legend of Darcy's Gold* is underway. Author Helen Fielding is writing the third installment of the book and working on the movie, though the movie might be different from the book. I know that news will shock and confuse loyal Screen Junkies readers. Here are Fieldings' words exactly...
"I will be working on both the book and the film but I don't know if they are the same thing yet. It's not been decided."

The book will be about Bridget having a "mid-thirties baby crisis." Wow, it's Friday night and I am writing about Bridget Jones and her upcoming baby crisis. That reminds me: I am not nearly drunk enough right now. (ComingSoon)

*That's what I would title it.