Warner Bros has picked up the spec script Wild Guns by writer T.S. Nowlin for Gianni Nunnari's Hollywood Gang to produce. The script is said to be similar to Tombstone and Sherlock Holmes and not in any way like the awesome Wild Guns video game. Which is a shame. You need to respect a cowboy who can blow up a steam-powered train with little more than a pistol. I guess Hollywood just isn't ready.

The story is set in the early days just after the Civil War and will chronicle the bromance between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, when they team up to save Sitting Bull's daughter from a mystical Shaman who is terrorizing the West. Between True Grit, Cowboys & Aliens, and this, it's safe to say we'll be seeing a few more Westerns done the pike. And maybe the cowboy hat will come back into everyday style. Enjoy your moment, Lenny Kravitz. You've fought long and hard for this. (THR)