After a merciful false start in the early 90's (unless the public really wanted a Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian), it sounds like Warner Bros might be going forward with a sequel to Beetlejuice, the 1988 beloved Tim Burton film starring Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Winona Ryder, and Michael Keaton.

The studio has signed a two-year, first-look deal with writing duo Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg, who are behind both Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Burton's upcoming Dark Tower. The duo have penned a script that is believed to be a continuation, rather than a reboot, of the original Beetlejuice.

For those who are too young to have seen the original firsthand, Beetlejuice is a dark comedy about ghosts who are trying to scare the new occupants out of their old home. The film definitely runs quirky and Burton-esque, so without his involvement, this project could find itself woefully misguided. The same could be said for Keaton, so it will be interesting to see what path the studio takes.

Further, it could be funny seeing Keaton throw out his back performing wacky antics.

Seriously, though, I wish the guy nothing but the best. He's Mr. Mom, after all.